Our Global Impact

In 2015, Liquid I.V.® US donated 500 servings of its Electrolyte Powder Mix to the Los Angeles Mission shelter to give hydration aid to its unhoused population. This small donation kicked off the Liquid I.V.® US hydration aid and product donation program and from there, it scaled quickly. Today, Liquid I.V.® US partners with some of the world’s leading humanitarian organisations and have distributed over 55 million servings across the United States and over 40 countries. Liquid I.V.® US are committed to donating an additional 150 million servings of Liquid I.V.® by 2032.

Global Water Outreach

Liquid I.V.® US partners with leading water, humanitarian, and community-based organisations to advance innovative solutions that help communities protect their water and their future.​

Hydration Aid

At Liquid I.V.®, we believe that a healthier world for all begins with equitable access to clean and abundant drinking water.

Global Partnerships

You can trust that every time you buy Liquid I.V.® you are supporting both our product donations to those in need and our partnerships and grants to innovative organisations that expand clean water access around the world.